位處於中國哈爾濱省的亞布力(Yabuli)滑雪旅遊度假區,一座典雅的貝殼型建築座落在山間,與冬景無縫地融為一體——這是MAD建築事務所為亞布力中國企業論壇(Yabuli CEF)的年度高峰會設計所設計的亞布力會議中心。這座新落成的中心讓亞布力CEF被贏得了「中國的達佛斯(the Davos of China)」的美稱,意指其能夠媲美瑞士著名的達佛斯經貿論壇。企業家們將可以在此參與商務活動、辦理培訓營還有更多活動。
Nestled between the mountains of the Yabuli region sits an elegant shell-shaped building that blends seamlessly into the wintery landscape. MAD Architects designed the Yabuli Conference Center for the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, or Yabuli CEF, to house their annual summit. This new center solidifies Yabuli’s reputation as “the Davos of China,” which compares the area to the renowned economic forum in Davos, Switzerland. Entrepreneurs will be able to attend business events, training seminars, and much more.
The design was inspired by the rough landscape and snowy mountains of Yabuli. But instead of completely mimicking or competing with the land, MAD decided to abstract the experience of camping in the wilderness. The subtly contoured form is meant to look and feel like a tent propped between the mountains with a thick outer shell that seems to float above the lower glass façade.
Images of the interior reveal a surprising contrast from the surrounding white landscape. While the building as an object seeks to blend into a natural landscape, the main interior spaces are more centralized. Long vertical strips guide the eye to the symbolic skylight while the subtle parametric bending creates interesting shadows that shift throughout the day in the natural light.
The building is semi-symmetrical with both sides converging at the elegant skylight. This feature not only allows natural light to enter the warm interior but also signifies gathering around a campfire where like-minded people can come together. “It acts as a symbolic metaphor for the bright ideas and brilliant discussions generated during the events held within,” describes MAD.
Luckily, you do not have to be an entrepreneur or business person to enjoy these symbolic and grand spaces. The Yabuli Conference Center also includes a museum, library, public exhibition hall, conference spaces, break-out meeting rooms, multiple auditoriums, and other flexible-use areas intended to make it accessible to the public. The modern design, along with its multi-use building program focused on the spread of knowledge and good ideas, fully embraces the entrepreneurial mission of the Yabuli CEF.
Word: Samantha Pires
Photography: Agovision, Arch-Exist
Source: My Modern Met